Relieve Anxiety Instantly. Calm Nerves. Feel Relaxed.

    In our busy, technology driven world it's easy to feel anxious, disheveled and exhausted with no time for yourself. Wouldn't it be nice to have just one moment?


    Mantra Magnets are a revolutionary new way to relieve anxiety, harness mindfulness and achieve balance in your life. They are the best natural anxiety relief out there.


    The patent pending technology uses vibrations on your ear lobes to shut out panic, becoming a powerful neuro-therapy tool — with a stylish twist.


    Instantly get rid of that tightness in your chest and debilitating anxiety. The best antidepressant for anxiety is a natural cure. Mantra Magnets are one of the most effective ways to relax your body. Keep calm and cheer on!


    Simply clip the magnets to your ears like earrings. Change the front of your mantra magnets for any occasion — from business attire to casual.


    Mantra Magnets are also great meditation aides that help you remove unwanted thoughts by focusing on the feeling and sounds of the vibrations.

    They also lessen depression and help ease pain from migraines and tension headaches. If you are waking up with anxiety or having anxiety attack symptoms and wondering how to deal with anxiety, Mantra Magnets are for you.


    Mantra Magnets: It's your moment. Own it.


    Imagine having more confidence and

    serenity than you've ever had before.




    A simple routine makes everything stress-free.

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    Add the battery to your motor and screw shut until you feel vibrations

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    Place vibrating motor into the calming clip until it is secure

    Mantra Magnets, can stress kill you, stress reduction strategies


    Place the calming clip behind your ear and place the magnet on the front of your ear lobe

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    Place front piece of your choosing on front of your ear lobe. Feel instantly calm through homeopathic anxiety relief.


    For a cost effective alternative to Mantra Magnets try Mantra Mesh!

    The vibrations go on your pulse

    Also helps with pain from heavy computer use, motion sickness and morning sickness during pregnancy


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    Q&A for a Modern Active Lifestyle

    Where Can I Wear My Mantra Magnets?

    You can wear your mantra magnets anywhere. The slick design hides the vibrating motor behind your ear or hair, letting you wear them in any high-stress situation like a presentation, speech or social event. It is recommended you put your mantra magnets on for a few minutes before a stressful event. You will feel a wave of calm and be ready to dominate! Or, clip them on in the comfort of your own home to help you achieve mindfulness during meditation and ultimate relaxation before bed. Swap out the front of your mantra magnets for a different looking earring that fits any occasion. If you are asking yourself what triggers panic attacks for you, or how to deal with anxiety, Mantra Magnets are the answer. They are natural remedies for panic attacks.

    Can Vibrations Really Ease My Anxiety?

    Absolutely! Many people report immediately feeling a sense of calm after mantra magnets are clipped onto the ear lobes. Some doctors say vibration on the ears can reset the amydala, (or fear center), stimulating a parasympathetic response that brings the targeted neural circuits out of an aroused, or hyperactive state, easing anxiety in the moment of high-stress —without a prescription pill or supplement needed. If you are waking up with anxiety or having anxiety attack symptoms and would like homeopathic anxiety relief using a powerful biomedical tool, Mantra Magnets are for you.



    Can Magnets Help With Physical Pain?

    Yes. Not only do the vibrations in mantra magnets help to reduce stress —the magnets themselves can be beneficial to your health. In fact, biomagnets and magnet therapy — like mantra magnets — have been studied by scientists like Albert Roy Davis, Ph.D. and are said to relieve pain in some people from migraines and tension headaches. Many want to know how to tell if you have a migraine and don't want to resort to medicine immediately. A natural remedy for migraine is the best way to make a migraine go away.

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